Business Process Outsourcing optimizes business performance to attain value creation.There has been a tremendous upsurge in the outsourcing industry in many developing countries, like India which aid in reducing costs and increasing service quality.The integrated solution approach provides enhanced value to the customers through process standardization, process simplification and process optimization.

Quality Policy

We determinedly function towards securing a long haul organization with every client as well as assuring that quality norms are matched before conveyance of all products plus services, through suitable quality control and quality affirmation methodologies. Our administration offerings crosswise over different commercial enterprises and area particular ability to suit the business environment improve your worth recommendation and additionally your profitability. Our profound comprehension of the customer plus their industry empowers effective execution of business procedure outsourcing courses of action. We possess characterized standard working systems as well as procedures using technology, preparing and estimations to empower us to outline and convey programming products plus procedures

Quality Objectives

Quality is fundamentally needy upon individual duty as well as acknowledgment of obligation by every worker for the nature of services plus products offered, both interior plus outer to the organization.

The quality benchmarks assist in accomplishing consistency as well as reliable quality in the services plus products offered to clients will be set up through the operation of the Quality framework.

Customer Services

Business Intelligence administrations concentrate on investigating an association's data resources as well as making reports plus examination that guide in the choice making procedure and different projects utilizing voice as the channel of correspondence.

and other programs using voice as the channel of communication.

SEO Services

At the point when the starting style and develop, we'll begin our change attempts to structure of specific site shows up for the chief vital results. You could advance, publicize as well as offer your products utilizing our SEO devoid of any respects to your specialized capacity. You can amplify the site activity as well as pace up the perceivability of your site thus offering a tough competitor to your rivals.

Quality Policy

At Tibpo solutions the administration as well as the workers are resolved to secure a long haul association with clients through giving world class arrangements plus administrations which cross over desires of customers. which matches client desires as well as that could be created at Six Sigma quality levels.

Quality Objectives

Enhance Employees commitment in order to accomplish Organization's Vision as well as Objectives.

Broaden Organization's capacities in order to match Client necessities.

Reduce negative effect on the surrounding because of Organization's exercises

Individual obligation as well as day to day updates will be supported through adaptability as well as criticism.

Customer Service

The range of services provided by TIBS include,

  • Specialists assist you rethink your business procedures in order to drive proficiency, bolster new capacities as well as force development.
  • Building an in number association with your clients is as critical to us as it is to you. Switch over into specialists solutions for associate with your clients.
  • Gain improvement through business-particular applications which move forward for better execution, proficiency and expense viability.

SEO Services

Tibposolutions offers a web headway assemble which functions through viewpoint with our SEO gathering to structure specific every one webpage we possess a tendency to create is project big-hearted as well as devoid of a moment's delay open to each SEO.


What we do is what we love and what we love is whatwe are assigned by Clients.What things can client assign to us? Well


Our Services

TIBS provides various types of IT enable services like software development ,BPO, Training .

Business Technology Services

We concentrate on enhancing the IT as well as business development of your association.through technique, procedure, structural engineering and execution. Our business plus IT counseling administrations bolster complex business changes. We help to create, relocate, decommission and empower.smooth switchover to more current application situations.We offer end-to-end administrations right from portability technique to innovation administration and backing.Tibposolutions assists to expand business esteem through imaginative, unsurprising.adaptable conveyance of end-to-end administrations with strong administration as well as combined support.

Mobility Solutions

Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is an open platform that fosters greater

The Tibposolutions offers applications in mobile platform such as iOS, Android, Windows 8, HTML5. as well as related server advances, with scale and degree.Our extensive variety of mobility solutions, from pre-fabricated systems in order to finish corporate solutions . as well as reinnovate applications.user interface, testing, information aggregation plus security. We help to ensure information plus counter security dangers, with our security evaluation. methodologies are assessed, approved as well as confirmed by portable and IT security specialists.

Business Process Outsourcing

The process includes inbound customer care, outbound collections, telemarketing. other programs using voice as the channel of communication.

Tibposolutions is an adaptable, versatile, that conveys process measurements and drives down expense of operations. Tibposolutions stayed concentrated on a solitary mission, to enhance our customers effectiveness and profitability. while conveying quantifiable results. The procedure incorporates comprehending this upgrading requests of clients. as well as our objective operational expertise, industry aptitude as well as changing capacities. It integrates Business Transformation Services, Front Office Services, Back Office Services, Knowledge Services,Technology Enabled Services.

SEO Services

We have developed our web design and development expertise into the most demanded specialization which is SEO. We offer to generate super visibilities through adoption of holistic approaches that combines the fundamental and Frontline techniques and passages of generating traffic. The websites worked by us appear in the top listings of the SERP.

We support SEO results with strategies which outlive recent notes, utilizing the whole web crawler page. to construct your web site. while offering clients some assistance acquiring precisely required by them. We assist in social and offline resources, content management effect that internet searchers as well as clients. By continually advancing, building tools plus new techniques, we remain in front of patterns and specialized upgrade. We use search engine optimization in order to expand the number of clients to a Website through acquiring high-positioning. situations in the query of web crawlers.

Backoffice Support

An accurate and comprehensive information system is followed to enhance the reporting capabilities and various reports are generated through excellent MIS incorporated at these service providers. Detailed system statistics are captured and processed in different formats giving: standard historical reports, online status information, trend report, unified management and reporting and well documented open database for user configured reports. Above all MIS keeps the whole system integrated that results into better service delivery all the time.

Back office operations procedures to decrease the unit expense preparing as well as characterizing. models to match the straightforwardness.commanded by experts. We minimize the time as well as cost conveying thorough information administration, every day exact record values. execution computations, customer reporting, expense charging.

Open Source Customization

The defining aspect of our open source customization is the ability to sense the demanded orientations and then work out the best solutions which directly resonate with your requirements of reaching out to the targeted audiences. We have delivered CMS websites to generate fluent publication, hosting and online store cum B2B and B2C orientations for our clients.

About Us

TIB Solutions is a class of experts running and thinking of your Business promotion through your website. Effective websites,E-commerce Business solutions, Apps development, Graphic Designs, SEO and Clone-Site Developmentbeunder a Single Roof. Our multi-talented experts believe thinking of standards for next generation. We are a team of creative youngsters that shines on almost all fields a website needs the most. Whatever it is, starting from web design to logo, icon designs, Cloning website to duplicatingplatforms, bringing leads to converting Sales, Our team never fails to deliver what is promised.

Some of the services that we offer are:

  • Medical Transcription.
  • BPO Process (Online Customer Executive).
  • Technical Support.
  • Solar Energy Process.
  • Edu Process.

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